We started farming on a property in Bucks County back in 2016. It’s been a gradual process, making sure that we make the best possible decisions for the land. Our main focus has been building up our soil through cover crop rotations and amending with micro nutrients when needed with the belief that rich healthy soils will lead to healthier plants, and higher quality products. Farming can be very time consuming, but we are hoping that this steady and slow progression will lead to self sufficiency. One of my favorite aspects about medicinal plants is that they are still so wild. They have not been extensively modified through human intervention and artificial selection like most other plants, and still hold that energy within them. Their requirements are oftentimes less than other crops, as long as they are provided with natural landscapes and are allowed to go through the essential rhythms of their life cycle. Being that it is such a small-scale farm, all of our herbs are carefully harvested by hand, preserving the potency of the plants. I do emphasize growing native plants, but I also try to grow plants that are either not easily accessible, are over harvested in the wild, or are hard to find trustworthy sources in commerce without pesticides, heavy metals and other pollutants.